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Tällberg, Sweden

Lake Siljan from Tallberg, oil on canvas, 40 x 60cm, June 2013

It was great to return to Tällberg after last year’s trip especially as I had a better idea of where and what I wanted to paint. This time, I was there with a couple of other artists, my landscape teacher Marc Dalessio and Anders Ståhl and, as it rained only once, we managed to get some work done. Here are a few of my paintings.

Below is a watercolour of the church and bell-tower in Mora by its famous citizen and artist, Anders Zorn.  In the space from which Zorn painted the scene about a hundred years ago, there now stands a rather prosaic supermarket and an incongruous Thai eatery, so to paint the scene I needed to do it from a different angle (see above).


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