Portrait Sketches of Local Entrepreneurs

Sandrine, Sandrines’s Pilates , charcoal on paper, 60 x 50cm, 2015

From 1 March to 2 April 2016, I will be holding an exhibition of charcoal portrait sketches of local entrepreneurs at the Trinity Arts Centre in Tunbridge Wells.

The subjects are all from Tunbridge Wells and have in one way or another given something to the community. Most are business people: restaurateurs, shopkeepers, professionals, or small scale manufacturers. Two have started up and  run charitable organisations. Rather than take up a salaried job, they have all had an idea, taken a risk and set up an activity of their own. Most make a living of some sort, a few do well. All have had the courage to turn their idea into something real. When they talk about their enterprises they are fascinating. It has been a delight to draw their portraits.

All these sketches were drawn in less than three hours.


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