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Portrait of the Artist’s Wife

A long time ago, I drew this sketch of my wife. She was a fantastic model, being patient and forgiving, which was fortunate as I did not really know what I was doing (feeble tonal work and erratic handling). All the same, it was not a bad likeness.

Caroline, 29.2 x 20.3cm, pencil on paper, 1986

Recently, I had another go, but this time in oils. Although I still have a great model, she now has a better idea of what she can expect from me.

I went through a lot of Old Masters to have a look at their versions of their wives, not so much for inspiration but just out of curiosity. Some of the portraits are well known. Unfortunately, as a few of my favourite artists  (Sargent, Reynolds, Lawrence) never married, there were no wives for them to paint.

Anyway, below is my portrait, after a 26 year hiatus, and for those who wanted to ask, yes, she is a schoolmistress.

Caroline, oil on canvas, 70 x 60 cm, 2013


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