Painting in and around Geneva

In August, I spent some time near Geneva and managed to get a bit of work done around the lake and in Geneva itself. Here are a few of my studies.

Le Monument International de la Réformation 1, 20 x 30cm, oil on board

Le Monument International de la Réformation 2, 20 x 30cm, huile sur bois

L'eglise russe, Geneve, 30 x 29cm, huile sur bois

le parc des Bastions et l'universite, 20 x 30cm, oil on board

Chillon, soir, au mois d'aout, 30 x 40cm, oil on board

Chateau d'Yvoire, midi au mois d'aout, 20 x 30cm, oil on board

The Russian church in Geneva has always intrigued me and appears out of place among the rather dour, grey respectable town houses standing around it, rather like a Hollywood star at a conference for chartered accountants. While I was painting it, a wedding party turned up with a white limousine. They stayed for a while but unfortunately not long enough for me to add them to the picture.


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