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Around Lake Geneva

Le Mont de Grange et le Mont Blanc, oil on canvas, 61 x 51cm, 2013

Every year I spend a week or two near Lake Geneva and usually manage to paint a few landscapes while I am there. This time I painted a few sketches in the alps just south of the lake as well as in Geneva. The picture above I painted on a very hot day in August and had to climb almost 1000 metres to get the view I wanted. When climbing to go painting in the mountains, it is worth taking the bare minimum of stuff (even my light aluminium easel felt heavy after the first few 100 metres) and leaving before dawn when it is still cool. Once I got there and started painting, every half an hour or so, some hikers would come along for a chat and have a look at my work. They all said that it must be nice and quiet for me up there with nobody bothering me.

Below, a few more of my paintings from around the lake.

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