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Unity of Effect

“Go for the tout ensemble!” At art school, my teacher, Charles Cecil was keen to drum into his students certain aspects of our training and this phrase was often repeated like a mantra. He would exhort us in our painting … Continue reading

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Models and Artists

A year or so ago I visited the Zorn Museum in Mora, Sweden, with another artist who pointed out that in the painting above Zorn had used the same model several times. Thereafter, I promised myself to take more care  when looking at … Continue reading

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Character in Portraiture

Painting an accurate likeness is a matter of time and hard work, but painting the look that unveils the character of the model is the true challenge and real aim of the portrait painter. Here are a few Old Master portraits which show the artists performing just this feat. Above … Continue reading

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Portrait of the Artist’s Wife

A long time ago, I drew this sketch of my wife. She was a fantastic model, being patient and forgiving, which was fortunate as I did not really know what I was doing (feeble tonal work and erratic handling). All the same, it was not … Continue reading

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Tällberg, Sweden

It was great to return to Tällberg after last year’s trip especially as I had a better idea of where and what I wanted to paint. This time, I was there with a couple of other artists, my landscape teacher Marc Dalessio … Continue reading

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Painting in Sweden

Last week I had the use of a house in Tällberg on Lake Siljan in the Dalarna region of Sweden. As it is midsummer, the days are very long there (with a cloudless sky it does not get completely dark even at 2am) … Continue reading

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The Stuffed Owl

I am always trying to improve my work and look to the masters for inspiration and ideas. To keep me cheerful in the face of this daunting and occasionally demoralising task, I have made a collection of some oddities by the greatest … Continue reading

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