Louis Ryan Studios

The studio has as its fundamental principle the painting and drawing of images from life.

Sight-size method for portraiture

Sight-size method for portraiture

source link The subject and image are placed side by side in a technique called sight-size. The painter stands back from the subject and image and is able to see and compare both together at one glance and thus paint accurately and effectively. This simple method was used from the 17th century by many of the greatest portrait painters, such as Reynolds, Raeburn, Lawrence and Sargent. It enables the artist to view his work as a unified image and allows a broad handling that brings the picture into focus at a given distance.

Who Can Write My Essay The studio is very much in keeping with the traditional private ateliers of the 19th century like those of Carolus-Duran and Léon Bonnat who taught this method. Its aim is to perpetuate this traditional technique and thus offer students the means to excel in the painting and drawing of beautiful images.

go here Based in Tunbridge Wells, the studio offers classes for all levels in drawing (charcoal and pencil on paper) and painting in oils. Prices start at just £12 per hour. Individual tuition can be provided.

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Address: Louis Ryan Studios, Kelly House, 1 Warwick Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN1 1YL